Active Charcoal Filter

Clean and mellow smoke thanks to Activated Carbon Filters

In order to reduce harmful substances in cigarette smoke, the use of activated carbon filters is recommended. The activated carbon binds pollutants such as tar and nicotine and effectively increases the filtration effect. For everyone who cares about their health and appreciates a mild and pleasant smoke! Activated carbon filters are available in many sizes, for rolling-your-own as well as for pipes, in our online shop.

If you want to learn more about the effects of activated carbon filters, you can continue reading at the end of this page.

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Take a deep breath with pollutant-reducing cigarette filters

Activated carbon is used for pipe filters or cigarette filters as well as for some cigarillos. These filters filled with activated carbon absorb pollutants from the smoke and make it soft and scratch-free. The activated carbon has a porous surface and functions like a sponge. The smoke passes through the carbon on its way through the filter, whereby a large part of the pollutants settle in the activated carbon and remain in the filter. Larger filters can be used several times as long as the activated carbon is not lumpy.

Tip: Shake the filter next to your ear. If you can hear the activated carbon move inside, your filters can be used another time.

Buy activated carbon filters for pipes and roll-your-owns in our online shop

In order to meet all your needs, we offer different versions of activated carbon filters. You can choose between extra thin, thin or thicker filters, depending on what you need them for.

  • Miss Nice: Ultra-Slim activated carbon filters for super-thin cigarettes; 6 mm diameter; ceramic cap on both sides; carefully controlled and 100% vegan activated carbon.
  • Marie: Extremely slim carbon filters for rolling; 6 mm diameter; ceramic cap on both sides; sustainably cleaned and 100% vegan coconut activated carbon.
  • Actitube Slim (Tune): Thin activated carbon filters; 7 mm diameter; ceramic cap on both sides; reliably cleaned and 100% vegan activated carbon.
  • Actitube (Tune): Thick activated carbon filters for pipes or blunts; 9 mm diameter; ceramic cap and plastic mouthpiece; cautiously washed and 100% vegan activated carbon.

Do activated carbon filters also filter active substances from the smoke?

For many smokers there is a decisive reason not to use activated carbon filters: The misbelief that activated carbon also binds desired substances and thus impairs the effect of herbs when smoking. If you have the feeling that cigarettes with activated carbon filters have a different effect than ones with normal paper filters, you are not completely wrong: Since the activated carbon filters nicotine from the smoke, the consumer simply lacks the nicotine flash. However, the activated carbon only filters water-soluble substances out of the smoke. This means that all non-water-soluble active ingredients and essential oils are not bound by the activated carbon and pass through the filter without any problems. Experience the full effect combined with a smooth and gentle smoking experience!