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Cellulose filters for the finest smoking experience

Jilter filters are an excellent way to reduce tar and nicotine in your cigarette smoke, improving the quality of your smoke. Combined with any standard cardboard tip, the Jilter provides a slim filter-tip that enables the rolling of shapely cigarettes and diminishes harmful particles and pollutants at the same time. In addition, Jilter filters protect against tobacco crumbs entering the mouth. Furthermore, these filter-tips reduce the exposure of the mouth area to harmful smoke and prevent the formation of tartar and tooth discoloration.

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What are cellulose filters?

The Jilter filter-tips are made of paper and cellulose and contribute to a healthier smoking experience. Cellulose is a natural biopolymer of sugar molecules and the main component of plant cell walls. Accordingly, cellulose is the second most important renewable raw material (after wood) used as the basis for paper, cardboard and other materials. In the case of Jilter tips, cellulose acts as a filter and reduces the absorption of carcinogenic substances such as nicotine and tar. At the same time it allows oil-based active substances, which are desired when smoking, to pass through with a loss of less than 1%.

Reduction of harmful substances and intensive aroma

Jilters are prefabricated filters for rolling into your cigarettes. Other than normal cellulose filters, they work in combination with a cardboard filter: This makes the filter-tip longer and more stable, providing a much better basis for kingsize cigarettes. In addition, these tips can also be put in the special glass pipes of Jilter or can be used with glass filters. Thanks to their special construction, they provide a gentle smoke and tasty aroma.

Everything about Jilters at a glance:

  • For rolling into roll-your-own cigarettes
  • Reduce harmful substances: cellulose reduces the absorption of nicotine and tar
  • Tooth protection: Reduction of tooth discoloration / calculus
  • Crumb-free: protection against tobacco crumbs in the mouth
  • Combined with cardboard filter: The wider the cardboard tip, the longer the entire filter
  • Aromatic: The "purified" smoke tastes particularly intense
  • Perfect size: small (6x12mm) or large (7x15mm)
  • Available in small quantities or as refill package