Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Defender DE Combo Kit

Artikelnummer: AAWHDCO

Double Ended Combo Kit, bestehend aus Defender medium, DE Lamp Adaptor, DE Spreader, IEC Kabel, Reflektor Connector, UHF Vorschaltgerät, DE Leuchtmittel (Remote Kit plus Reflektor Connector)

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Leuchtmittel-Typ: HPS
Volt: 400 V
Betriebsart: elektronisch
Steuerung: dimmbar
Leistung: 750 W
Reflektor-Typ: DE Double Ended
Anbringung Leuchtmittel: Horizontal
Marke: AdjustAWings
Versandgewicht: 2,00 Kg


YouTube Video

A demonstration of how to correctly insert a double-ended high pressure sodium lamp into an Adjust-A-Wings Hellion 600/750W illumination kit with a medium Defender reflector. The key thing to note is to ensure that both the electrodes are correctly inserted into the sockets with no bending. We also recommend that you take the light down and perform lamp replacement on a table, rather than attempting it in-situ.

YouTube Video

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