Bio Nova Dedicated Pack Hydro

Artikelnummer: BNSTH

Inhalt: Hydro-SuperMix, PK 13-14, The Missing Link, X-cel, Bioroots, BN-Zym

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The NEW Dedicated Pack (growbox)

Especially for the growth on one square meter Bio Nova has created a Growbox called the dedicated pack based on the dedicated way . This box contains all 6 products from the dedicated way, which brings you sublime results independently of the used growth medium! There are 6 versions of the dedicated pack, every single one is adapted to a specific substrate!

The 6 versions:

    Soil-SuperMix + PK 13-14
    Hydro-SuperMix + PK 13-14
    LongFlower-SuperMix + PK 13-14
    AutoFlower-SuperMix + PK 13-14
    Nutri Forte A+B
    Coco Forte A+B

All these 6 versions also contain the 4 Dedicated products :

    The Missing Link, #1 grow/bloom booster
    BN X-ceL, #1 booster
    BN Roots, root stimulator
    BN-Zym, concentrated enzym mix

Sets & Packs: Ja
Marke: BioNova
Versandgewicht: 7,00 Kg

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