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Organic Fertilizer Tablets

BIOTABS make your life easy. 100% organic cultivation becomes child's play for beginners and advanced growers alike.
To be used for all kind of flowers, vegetables, herbs and to plant trees and shrubs.

Push BioTabs 5-10 cm deep into the potting compost or coco, water plants.
To be used as a component of the BioTabs 'organic growing & flowering method'For detailed instructions see our manual.Push BioTabs 5-10 cm deep into the potting compost or coco, water plants.
For soil and coco. For container and in-ground plants. For indoor & outdoor growing.

BIOTABS contain more than enough 100% organic fertilizers to keep your plants deep green throughout the entire cycle. Even very long-blooming plants will remain deep green throughout the full cycle. Many growers encounter problems in week 5, which is when the lime buffer of the soil is used up. The growth and blooming of your plants stagnate and defects appear.

BIOTABS effortlessly carry your plants through this period.
Your plants will maintain their growth rate and stay deep green.
The result is healthy plants with exuberant growth and blooming.
At BIOTABS.EU, we have 30 years of experience growing plants and we can guarantee that the results obtained with BIOTABS are unprecedented. You will never want anything else.
BioTabs organic fertilizer tablets contain all the important minerals in combination with nitrogen-binding and phosphate-dissolving bacteria and organic substances for the healthy growth of potted plants.

The tablets contain a formula of slow-acting nitrogen, natural humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria. These improve the soil and contribute to the good uptake of the fertilizers, resulting in uniformly healthy growth without leaching of the fertilizers. The unique combination of fertilizers and soil bacteria ensure healthy growth and healthy soil.

BioTabs Contain
bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish meal, natural humic acid, beneficial soil bacteria and a formula of slow-acting nitrogen

To gain optimal benifit from the BioTabs products and the BioTabs Starterkit, please watch the video and read the manual how to apply BioTabs.

BioTabs Anleitung deutsch (.pdf)

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BioTabs Anleitung deutsch

BioTabs Anleitung englisch


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