BioTabs Startrex 1500g

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Bodenverbesserer und organischer Dünger

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Soil improver and organic fertiliser with a high probiotic bacteria content.

  • For re-using your potting soil or coco. Leave the potting soil or coco in the pots.
  • Scratch off the first 5 cm of the soil and dispose of it.
  • Remove the stem, remove the big roots, leave the small roots.
  • Mix 2 eatspoons of STARTREX ( 25 gr) with 1 litre of soil or coco.
  • Use this mix as a new toplayer.

To be used as a component of the BioTabs "organic growing & flowering method".
For detailed instructions see our manual.

Mix 2 eatspoons ( 25 gr) with each 5 litre of potting soil or coco.

To be used for all kind of flowers, vegetables, herbs and to plant trees and shrubs.
For soil and coco. For container and in-ground plants. For indoor & outdoor growing.

STARTREX contains a large quantity of soil bacteria that immediately work to improve the soil and ensure better uptake of organic fertilizers.Most potting soil is sterilised to kill weed seeds and germs.This also kills all the beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. The result is that the soil life in your potting soil takes a long time to become established. By mixing your earth with STARTEX, you can ensure that your soil comes to life immediately for your plant to take root more quickly.

The 3 most important components of STARTREX are fulvic acids, humus and silicon. Fulvic acid is THE major transporter in nature. It enters plant cells and brings nutrients to the cells that need them.

To gain optimal benifit from the BioTabs products and the BioTabs Starterkit, please watch the video and read the manual how to apply BioTabs.

System: Erde Coco
Verwendung: Bodenverbesserer
Marke: BioTabs
Rohstoffe: Organisch
Komponenten: 1
Inhalt: 1500gr
Versandgewicht: 1,50 Kg


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