CBD for animals

Well-being for your pet

The best is just good enough for your animal friends. That is why you will only find premium, certified CBD products for pets in our online shop.

The natural active ingredient cannabidiol can be used for a wide range of ailments due to its diverse properties. It can increase physical and mental well-being, reduce stress and reduce inflammation. CBD for pets is a real alternative to avoid unwanted side effects and to enable your pet to live a happy and healthy life.

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The best quality of CBD products for animals

Our pets are sensitive and delicate creatures. Therefore we pay special attention to the highest quality standards in our CBD products for animals. Thanks to special manufacturing methods and strict controls, we guarantee the highest possible purity and product safety. The special compositions were precisely tailored to the needs of your four-legged friends and are characterized by mild taste and easy dosage.

What is the correct dosage of CBD for pets?

The weight of your pet is decisive for the dosage of CBD drops: the heavier the animal, the higher the dose. In general you should start with a small amount of CBD. Always pay careful attention to the reaction of your pet to determine the ideal dosage. Pay attention: A larger amount of CBD will not lead to quicker success! A regular application, however, should result in a continuous increase in the well-being of your furry friend.

Renowned manufacturers of high-quality CBD for animals!

All our veterinary products come from trustworthy manufacturers who care about the well-being of your pet. You will find CBD for dogs or cats from CannHelp in our range. These products have been certified by the Arge Canna and meet the highest quality standards. You will also find Shifa Oil for pets. These drops are based on grape seed oil and have been analysed by the Fundación Canna. So you can always be sure that your little darling gets only the best CBD for animals!

Risks and side effects of CBD for pets

When using CBD on animals, side effects only occur in the absolute exception. These manifest themselves in drowsiness and laziness, apathy and lethargy. In extremely rare cases CBD can also lead to vomiting. Should your pet suffer from such side effects, the dose should be reduced in any case. After all, the health of your pet always comes first!