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Tea and coffee-beans of the highest quality: order online anytime!

In this category we offer you first-class coffee and tea specialties. Whether gently roasted coffee beans from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica or refreshing ice-tea drinks with superfruits, you will find what you are looking for. Order premium coffee or delicious tea in our online shop.

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee: coffee specialty out of the Jamaican mountains

The tasteful Jah B coffee belongs in the top drawer of coffee specialties. The coffee trees are grown between 910 and 1700 meters in altitude, deep in the Jamaican Blue Mountains. Mist, cool temperatures and strong rainfall are the main factors for a special climate in the growing area, which has a size of just about 6,000 hectares. The coffee cherries therefore ripen very slowly and develop a wonderfully balanced and full-bodied aroma. To secure the highest quality and best taste, Jah B Coffee is lovingly cultivated by hand and carefully processed in the best growing area in the Blue Mountains. The farm - Radnor Estate - lies at 1000 m above sea level near the Blue Mountain Peak.

Tasty organic tea beverages made from high-quality ingredients are "all i need."

  • The all-i-need Green Tea (the white soda can) truly is a superfruit-miracle: Chokeberry and Açaí give the tea made from whole, freshly brewed Sencha tea leaves a special kick. Ginger and the natural sweetness of the Austrian sugar beet complete the recipe. A naturally stimulating beverage with a sparkling taste.
  • The Black Tea by all i need. (the red soda can) contains activating black tea and real cola-nut, which both have an energizing effect. Lemon, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon and caramel top off the prickly tea, which is best consumed cooled.
  • The White Tea by all I need. (the black soda can) is a natural eye-opener thanks to the caffeine contained in the organic white tea: 23g/100ml provide a vitalizing refreshment. The unique taste comes from the ingredients lime, apple and turmeric.