The DimLux Expert Series is the most advanced and complete lighting system on the market. The DimLux Expert Series combines the best of two worlds. The Alpha Optics 98 Reflector in combination with the Xtreme ballast is a complete fixture with the highest level of reflector efficiency and light output on the market. All the options of the DimLux will be used to maximum benefit if used in combination with the Maxi Controller. The result is optimal control and maximum performance!

* Flat Design
* The highest output (light) due to the overdrive (boost) and 400V technology
* The broadest dimming range of all digital ballasts
* Soft-Start, Soft-Dim, Soft-Off function
* Can be dimmed manually in 8 levels including the ?off? position.
* Can be variably dimmed via the Maxi Controller
* Extensive diagnostic LEDs
* EOL function (indication to replace lamps)
* Safety features for preventing short circuits, open contact, high temperatures, too low voltage, too high voltage
* The loose Xtreme ballast is suitable for both 400W and 600W lamps
* The loose Xtreme ballast is also available in an EL version Active airsuction wholes
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