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Quick Kush by Dinafem Seeds is an Indica-dominant feminised cannabis seed originated from the cross of an OG Kush elite clone and an OG Kush Auto elite male. The team of breeders at Dinafem Seeds had the brilliant idea of creating a quick version of the most famous Indica on the planet: OG Kush. And that?s exactly what they?ve done. Their experience and expertise have allowed them to reduce the flowering to 49-56 days and still maintain the amazing traits and the outstanding quality of the original plant. True to her Californian roots, she boasts a delicious oil and lemon scent accompanied by a mind-blowing effect resulting from her high THC levels. Now you can grow a real Californian hybrid in record time!

Quick Kush turns into slender and homogeneous plants with numerous thick and resinous buds sitting on her multiple elongated branches. Expect to harvest incredibly beautiful plants that may well be used for ornamental purposes. The quality of the end product is worthy of the best Cali strain and her yielding capacity easily rivals that of the OG Kush: up to 500 g/m2 indoors and 1 kg/plant outdoors.

Thanks to her fast flowering and amazing resistance, Quick Kush is an easy strain to cultivate. Growers will always obtain top-quality results in the blink of an eye. Despite preferring a warm, dry climate, she can handle a little cold and moisture. Fortunately for Quick Kush, though, her short flowering period considerably reduces the existing climate-related risks when growing outdoors. A standard feeding and watering regime will be enough for her to quickly produce numerous beautiful and rock-hard buds all over her branches. The best time to harvest will range from mid-September to mid-October, depending on the area of the northern hemisphere we live in. Her moving so fast also helps reduce any additional risks implied by the prolonged exposure of the plants when outdoors (thefts, nosy neighbours?). Indoors, the cost-effectiveness is notably boosted, up to 20 %, meaning 1.5 crops can be obtained every season.

Quick Kush showcases very special tastes and aromas: a blend of oil and lemon wrapped by a blaze of smoky undernotes. Due to her high THC levels, she provides a strong cerebral buzz that not everyone can put up with.

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