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Rolls Filter tips: innovative cooling system and effective filtration

Rolls69's high quality filters are designed to provide a perfect smoking experience for connoisseurs. With a specially developed cooling system and the filtration of harmful substances, these filter tips ensure a gentle smoke with every puff. If you are looking for stylish, effective filters for king size cigarettes, Rolls Smart Filters are the right choice.

Better taste and smooth smoke!

The Rolls69 filter tips consist of a combination of paper tip and cellulose filter and provide a first-class smoking aroma. At the same time, they filter pollutants out of the smoke that inevitably develop during the burning process, even if you don?t mix your herbs with tobacco. Due to their unique functionality, Rolls filters offer a good alternative to activated carbon filters.

What is so special about Rolls Smart Filters?

  • Smoke-cooling filters: The cooling system (cross cuts) on the Rolls Smart Filters, precisely processed with state-of-the-art laser technology, reduces the smoke temperature.
  • Pollutant-reduced smoke: The Cellulose filter collects pollutants such as tar and other condensates and clears the smoke. All pleasant active ingredients from your favorite herbs, on the other hand, pass through unhindered.
  • Regulate the cooling effect: In order to maximize the cooling effect, roll only half of the filter into the paper so that the cooling system is outside.
  • Perfect draught: Cigarette burns down evenly.
  • Practical and convenient: Rolls filter tips are ready to be rolled in, saving you tedious handwork.

The best filter tips for ambitious smokers

The Rolls filters are available in many elaborately designed packs. Depending on your needs, we offer different pack sizes in our online shop.

Attention: All Rolls Smart Filters are only available in bulk packs (10 packages) in our online store!

Correct use of Rolls filters: easy and fast!

Just place the Rolls69 filters in your paper, the logo in the direction of your herbs. In addition, the cooling effect can be varied: The more suction holes (cross cuts) protrude from the paper, the cooler the smoke. Now, all you got to do is light it up and enjoy!