Gardener Supplies

Complete your grow with our practical gardener's supplies!

The setup with grow tent, lighting, irrigation and ventilation is ready, the medium has been chosen and the nutrients have been taken care of? Now all you need is the right gardener's equipment to ensure that your grow is a success from start to finish!

In this category you will find thermo- and hygrometers, plant nets and jojos, measuring cups, pipettes and much more.

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The right accessories for every successful Grow

When the preparation time is over and you have created the conditions for your indoor or outdoor cultivation, you can start your grow. In order to support you during the different growth phases of your plants and to accompany you throughout the period of your plant breeding, we have some useful utensils in our assortment.

For example, you will find gloves to make it easier to work with your fosterlings. Or you can arm your plants against pests with our plant protection products. Microscopes give you information about the exact condition of your plants, special scissors and knives help to prune leaves and plant nets keep your plants in place.