The HOMEbox is the basis for successful and safe breeding at home. Set up in only 20 minutes, it is a light-tight room-in-room solution. Simply mount lighting and ventilation in the existing brackets and you're ready to go. High-tech design and technology from Germany.

The series offers many innovations and supports a perfect harvest more than any previously existing indoor greenhouse! Since the invention of the first mobile growbox in 2001, HOMEbox has continuously developed and improved its products.

The result: HOMEbox Ambient and Vista - the most advanced mobile indoor greenhouses. Not only the uncomplicated construction makes the products the ideal indoor greenhouse, also further improvements and additional features convince experienced and leisure gardeners with the following characteristics:

PAR +(abbr. Photosynthetically Active Radiation) - optimally reflective interior coating, developed exclusively for HOMEbox. PAR + is an "intelligent material" that reflects more growth-promoting energy and less heat on the plants

OMNIFLOW-AIRVENT - Enable the flow of fresh air to be directed exactly where it is needed.

HIGH TOLERABILITY - Stable, powder-coated steel bars withstand high loads.

DOUBLE BOTTOM - In addition to the well-known waterproof shelf, all models are equipped with an additional fixed floor.

TOTAL BLACKOUT ZIPPERS - A guaranteed light-proof greenhouse, completely without cover straps and Velcro fasteners!

CONNECTIONS - Optimized in size, position and number.

STRONGER CONNECTIONS - Reinforced frames, connectors and hooks
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