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Jah B

The only real Rastagrower in the Blue Mountains - supported by Bushplanet!

Jah B, producer and namesake, is the first independent coffee producer in Jamaica. Jah B Coffee is lovingly cultivated by hand and carefully processed in the best area of the Blue Mountains. Bushplanet takes care of the international distribution and provides coffee lovers from all over the world with the unique Jah B coffee taste.

Original Jamaikan Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican blue mountain coffee belongs to the top league of coffee specialties. The coffee plants are grown between 910 and 1700 meters above sea level. The cultivation area is just 6,000 hectares small. Fog, cool temperatures and strong rainfall are the main factors for the special climate in the Blue Mountains.

This makes the coffee cherries mature very slowly and unfold a wonderfully balanced and full-bodied flavor. Our farm - Radnor Estate - is located at 1000 m above sea level near Blue Mountain Peak.