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Surprising acrylic bongs in premium-quality by Krass Design

Since summer 2004, the high-end bong producer "Krass Design", initially founded in Hamburg, is part of the Bushplanet Family. The incomparable acrylic pipes are handmade in Europe and maintain the highest quality standards. Probably the only acrylic bongs, that ensure a comfortable, smooth smoking experience and are suitable for longstanding use.

No compromises! Acrylic bongs that can easily match glass bongs

Krass Design produces only two models, but these in perfection. The construction of the Jetstream is derived from the design of the "Hurricane". The Masterpiece may seem simple but really is a clever invention to enable easy, pleasant smoking. The Krass Design bongs are made from first-class acrylic with a thickness of 5 mm. Like that, they combine extreme stability with excellent taste, for cool and mellow smoke. All Krass Design bongs are suitable for beginners and pros alike and constitute a real alternative to water pipes made from glass.

Krass Design Jetstream: The affordable equivalent to the "Hurricane"

  • User-oriented design: similar to the "hurricane" from RoB, the three bowls are equipped with three air nozzles. Like that, a whirl-wind builds up inside the KD Jetstream bong, which presses the contained tar to the surface, where it sticks. This leads to a tar-reduced smoke.
  • The Jetstream cools the smoke down stepwise.
  • Clean bong-water due to catalyzer: The ash-catcher collects the residues that build up while smoking.
  • Downpipe and bowl made from aluminum: non-breakable and handy.
  • Centered carb hole in the front: convenient for right- as well as left-handed users, can be also smoked laying down.
  • 420 mm height

Krass Design Masterpiece: Dynamic design combined with excellent functionality

  • Effective shaping: The high position of the KD Masterpiece aluminum fitting allows a large water-volume without an unwieldy bowl.
  • Available in three sizes: 400 mm, 490 mm and 580 mm height. Only the smoke-volume varies, the water-volume is the same with all sizes.
  • Optimal position of the kick hole: fast and easy draft leads to comfortable smoking.
  • Useful design: Due to its practical shape, the Masterpiece fits perfectly into any hand.
  • Downpipe and bowl made from aluminum: stable and safe.
  • Plain or with artful patterns, you decide!

What all Krass Designs have in common:

  • No screw connections, but ground joints in standard size: thanks to the aluminum plug-connection in 18,8 mm, any glass-equipment can be attached to the Krass Design bongs.
  • Thick-walled acrylic in individual colors.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to smart construction and high-quality material. You can even take off the stand to clean the bong from the bottom.