The final stage of plant breeding: The processing of the plant material

One of the most important moments for all growers is the completion of their grows. After the plants have grown and bloomed, professional harvesting, drying and processing are essential. So that nothing goes wrong during this last step, you can equip yourself with the right gear to achieve ideal results.

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Cut to the chase!

Of course, simple scissors or knives can be used for cutting. Depending on the size of your grow, however, it may be a good idea to use a little technical support. If you want to save yourself tedious cutting work and keep the amount of effort as low as possible, a cutting machine is the best choice. They are available in many sizes and designs to meet any requirements.

Dry it right!

The most beautiful, largest plants are of no use if they are not properly dried at the end. To avoid mould, the humidity should be kept low during drying and a fan should circulate the air in the drying tent. The quality of the final product depends on the drying of the plant material. Drying nets offer a relaxed way to dry plant material and help you make the best possible use of the often limited space.

Extraction and pressing

If you want to get the most out of your plants, further processing of the trimming residues is a good idea. Extractors help you to do something useful with apparently useless leaves and stems. Of course, flowers can also be further processed and highly potent extracts can be obtained from them. The possibilities in this field are manifold. Whether you want to sieve the plant material or process it using gas extraction is of course up to you. Professional presses make the pressing of pollen child's play and bring your dust into a pretty form.

The right packaging for herbs and flowers

When the final product is in your hands, only one more thing needs to be considered: Storage plays an important role when it comes to the shelf life and quality of your herbs. Airtight and opaque packaging is best for sensitive plant parts as it protects them from external influences and prevents them from drying out.