We ship to the following countries:
Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus

Shipping cost:


per parcel  (max. 31.5 kg) € 6,50
free shipping from € 50,- order value
cash on delivery fee plus € 4,20


per parcel (max. 30 kg) € 8,-
free shipping from € 80,- order value
cash on delivery fee plus € 10,-

Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovenia

per parcel (max. 30 kg) € 10,-
free shipping from € 100,- order value

Italy, France, Great Britain, Denmark

per parcel (max. 30 kg) € 13,-
free shipping from € 130,- order value

Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania

per parcel (max. 30 kg) € 17,-
free shipping from € 170,- order value

Finland, Sweden, Spain

per parcel (max. 30 kg) € 22,-
free shipping from € 220,- order value

Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal

per parcel (max. 30 kg) € 30,-
free shipping from € 300,- order value

Greece, Malta, Cyprus

per parcel (max. 30 kg) € 60,-
free shipping from € 600,- order value

Orders which exceed 30 kg (31.5 kg in Austria) of shipping weight or must be delivered in more than one parcel are excluded from the shipping-free delivery. In such a case we will contact you because of the shipping costs.

Cash on delivery in Austria and Germany up to max. € 1.000,- Order value. 

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.